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Our Team

Dorit Osher

Dorit has a deep respect for those that struggle with an eating disorder.  Even though ED can be so destructive and harsh, it also has been a coping strategy to keep functioning in the world.  In her work as a psychotherapist she hopes to provide an emotionally safe space to support the emergence of each client’s authentic self.

Dorit is both a movement and creative arts therapist and a somatic oriented psychotherapist. She works from a bottom up approach, meaning the body holds so much information from felt sensations, dreams and imagery that allows access to the unconscious. She focuses on each clients emotional world and views ED as a substantial necessary distraction that results in the person feeling in constant fear of food and their body. She believes we all need to find purpose and meaning in creating a life that represents who we are.

Dorit is a lifelong learner and researcher, and has postgraduate training in parent-child psychotherapy, depth psychology, psychodynamic therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, body-mind psychotherapy, expressive arts therapy, eating disorder treatments, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and attachment based psychotherapy. She has taught for the past 10 years at Fleming College in Haliburton in the Expressive Arts Therapy Certification program. She also facilitates yearly summer retreats in therapeutic movement-based expressive arts and holds workshops and classes in somatic practices and movement.

Dorit is a compassionate, insightful, and skilled therapist, who works in collaborative ways.

In her free time she loves to hike with her two standard poodles Bella and Heschel. She facilitates monthly Authentic Movement Practices and she loves to move and dance.