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Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Eating Issues Affecting Children, Teens, and Adolescents

Adequate nutrition is fundamental to optimal growth and development. The critical  life stage between childhood and adolescence is marked by significant physical changes, shifting nutritional needs and an increased awareness of ‘ideal body types’. When eating becomes a struggle, treatment is important to prevent long term impacts on physical or psychological health.

At Connected Eating, we specialize in working with youth and their parents or caregivers, from early childhood right through to university-age and beyond. 

Our treatment approach is individualized and evidence-based. To ensure the most successful outcomes, we combine nutrition counselling with other therapeutic modalities and work collaboratively with a multi-disciplinary team as needed.

Our goal is to combine nutrition and behavioural therapies to help children and teens build healthy self-care habits that last a lifetime.

Some common issues we help with: