Wholesome, therapeutic meals and snacks are prepared for clients in accordance with a recovery meal plan. The selection of meals provided to each client is determined following an individual assessment of psychological readiness for exposure to fear foods. Support for meal completion is provided in person, electronically, and by phone. Support with meal planning, grocery shopping, and in house cooking are further provided to assist in the transition to self-directed eating. 

Plan to Plate was created on request from clients to help bring meals into their homes to eliminate the anxiety of planning, shopping, cooking and portioning. The knowledge that the meals are prepared under the supervision of a registered dietitian helps eliminate a huge hinderance to eating.  Plan-to-Plate is extremely personalized to the client's needs for their stage of recovery as well as their particular life circumstances. For example, a recovering client may order a few meals when less support is available at home or when needing to prevent a relapse.  

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